The electrochemical responses to tetracycline at the nickel electrode in alkaline solution were compared with that of gold and glassy carbon electrode by voltammetry.The electrocatalytic oxidation characteristics of tetracycline at nickel electrode were discussed.Subsequently a flow-through amperometric detection cell with nickel as the working electrode was designed to detect tetracycline,oxytetracycline,and doxycycline.Standard calibration graphs for the tetracyclines yielded linear ranges of 0.1~15 mg/L.Detection limits(S/N=3)of 35,45 and 43 μg/L were obtained for tetracycline,oxytetracycline and doxycycline,respectively.The system was applied for the determination of the three antibiotics in single-component drug formulations.


nickel electrode, tetracyclines, electrocatalytic oxidation, flow-through cell

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