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Jun GAO(yyang@xmu.edu.cn)


The MnO2/C composite was synthesized by reduction of KMnO4 with acetylene black.The products were characterized by XRD and SEM.We used MnO2/C composite as the positive electrode material of the electrochemical capacitor.The performance of faradic psedocapacitance of the MnO2/C electrode was studied in different electrolytes.The MnO2/C electrode was tested by cyclic voltammetry,electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) and constant charge-discharge curves.The experimental results showed that the MnO2/C composite has excellent performance.The specific capacitance of the MnO2/C composite as 258 F/g is obtained at 5mA/cm2 current density in 1mol/L KOH solution.It exhibited high discharge capacity and good cycle performance.


electrochemical capacitor, MnO2/C composite, specific capacitance

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