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Chang-jian LIN(cjlin@xmu.edu.cn)


The electrochemical behavior of zinc-indium alloy electrodes in 35%KOH solutions has been investigated by electrochemical methods including the potentiodynamic polarization and discharge measurements under constant current density.The results indicate that the anodic current density and passive current density increase after the indium addition.The discharge measurement shows that the addition of indium shortens the time to passive state for the Zn alloy compared to pure zinc at a large discharge conditions,that is the addition of indium may enhance the electrochemical activity of Zn alloy electrodes.It is found that the anodic dissolution of zinc-indium alloy electrodes in the concentrated KOH solution occurs along the certain crystalline face,and the surface roughness increases with the increasing of indium addition due to the anodic dissolution.


zinc electrode, zinc-indium alloys, anodic activity, passivation

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