Layered MnO2(δ-MnO2) was prepared by thermal decomposition of potassium permanganate.Ti was ion-implanted into such δ-MnO2 by physical techniques,forming a composite(δ-MnO2-Ti).These materials were characterized by XRD,SEM,XPS techniques and their electrochemical proprieties were investigated.The results showed that the layered structure of δ-MnO2 did not been destroyed after Ti ion implantation,and the implanted Ti element was mainly Ti4+ as indicated by XPS.Both of the first and the highest discharge specific capacities of the ion-implanted layered MnO2(δ-MnO2-Ti),compared to those of δ-MnO2,were improved significantly.


layered MnO2, ion implantation, surface structure, electrochemical performance

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