The interfacial electrochemical behaviors of fibrinogen on Pt electrode in phosphate buffered solution(PBS) was investigated by using cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical in-situ FTIR spectroscopy.The cyclic voltammetry results demonstrated that the fibrinogen adsorb on Pt electrode and impede the interfacial charge transfer of hydrogen ion reaction process as well as of oxygen reduction process,which is increased with higher scan rate.The cyclic voltammetry spectra of platinum absorbed with fibrinogen in K3[Fe(CN)6] and K4[Fe(CN)6]·3H2O solutions shows that the fibrinogen can partly decrease the oxidation and reduction current peaks.There is no specific anodic and cathodic current peaks found to attributed from fibrinogen within potential scanned rang of-0.1~0.6V(vs.SCE).Nevertheless,electrochemical in-situ FTIR spectra indicate the fibrinogen undergo chemical reaction when which anodic potential higher than 0.3~0.5V(vs.SCE).


fibrinogen, electrochemical in-situ FTIRS, interfacial electrochemical behavior, coagulation

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