The complex In(bpy)Cl3·H2O was synthesized.The binding mode of the complex with DNA was studied by the methods of cyclic voltammetry(CV),differential pulse voltammetry and ac impedance in the buffer Tris-HCl(pH=7.2).A quasi-reversible redox wave for the central Indium ion from the cyclic voltammograms was shown at a PG electrode.It has been found that after the complex acted with DNA,The complex's formal potential negatively shifted from-0.696 V to-0.717 V,the values of the reduction peak current and apparent diffusion coefficient decreased significantly.The results of differential pulse voltammetry were the same as cyclic voltammetry,and the electrochemical reaction resistance values increased from 143 Ω·cm2 to 169 Ω·cm2.The result indicated that the complex In(bpy)Cl3·H2O acted with DNA apparently.The binding mode of the complex with DNA was stable-electricity binding also medium degree exterior bonding mode was manifested.


In(bpy)Cl3·H2O, calf thymus DNA, stable-electricity binding

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