The development and improvement of electrode materials can result in the enhancement of the performances of electrochemical capacitor.In this paper various copper/activated carbon composites were prepared in the presence of different amounts(from 0% to 40%) of copper nitrate from bituminous coal.Then different electrodes were prepared from copper oxide,activated carbon and copper/activated carbon composites,respectively,and were characterized by cyclic voltammetry,alternative current(AC) impedance,charge-discharge at constant current and maintenance of the self-potential.The results showed that the proper amount of copper in copper/activated carbon composites positively influenced the electrochemical performances of electrodes,and the capacitance of copper/activated carbon composites was larger than that of the total of copper oxide and activated carbon.The specific capacitance of composite containing 20% copper reached 67.5 F/g,which is 1.72 times of that of the activated carbon without copper prepared under the same condition.The copper/activated carbons exhibited to better recyclability,higher capacity and lower impedance.However,its maintenance of the self-potential needs to be further investigated and improved.


copper nitrate, activated carbon, electrode, electrochemical performance

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