The silver nanoparticles were prepared by sodium citrate reduction of AgNO3.The nanoparticles were electrophoretic deposited on titanium,followed by the electrolytic deposition of hydroxyapatite(HAp).It is revealed,by the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy(HRTEM),that the diameters of nanosilver particles ranged from 5nm to 20nm.The XPS and XRD indicated the coating consisting of silver and HAp.According to the SEM images and antibacterial test,it is demonstrated that when the concentrations of the electrophoretic solution became higher more silver particles were depostited,and the antibacterial property improved.However,the particles aggregated on titanium greatly when the concentration exceeded a point,and the antibacterial activity declined.The optimum concentration for the antibacterial property of the material was determined.


nanosilvers, hydroxyapatite, antibacterial, titanium

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