Corresponding Author

Yu-qin ZHOU;
Zhan-jun ZHANG


The texturization of(100) crystalline silicon(c-Si) wafer was studied by field-emission scanning electron microscope using different kinds of etchant: sodium hydroxide,sodium carbonate and tribasic sodium phosphate.By optimizing the etching parameters,the lowest values of averaged reflectance(Rav) were obtained to be 9.70% for NaOH,9.76% for Na2CO3 and 8.63% for Na3PO4·12H2O,which is comparable to that of the wafer with textured surface covered with an anti-reflection coating of either silicon nitride or thermally grown silicon dioxide.The relation of Rav and surface morphology of textured wafer was analyzed.Moreover,special emphasis was put on the role of isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and sodium bicarbonate for texturization.It is proved that IPA decreased the etching rate but improved the morphology of the textured surface.It seems that played NaHCO3 played the similar role of IPA but resulted in the formation of large pyramid.The mechanism of texturization by different kinds of etchant was suggested.


crystalline silicon, texturization, alkaline, reflectance, surface morphology

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