The nano-structural Sn-Co/graphite composites were prepared by chemical reduction of the alloy electroless deposition solution in graphite suspensions,and the composites were annealed at 500 ℃.The phase structure and surface morphology of the composites were measured by XRD、SEM and Raman.The results indicate that there were high dispersions and high loadings of Sn-Co nanoparticles on graphite by thermal treatment.Electrochemical lithium storage performance was studied preliminarily on the obtained samples.The graphite modified with the Sn-Co nanoparticles possessed a higher electrochemical reversible capacity than that of graphite during the charge and discharge process.The appetency between the Sn-Co nanoparticles and graphite can effectively reduce or prevent active element Sn from flaking off the graphite.Interspace between deposited Sn-Co particles /particles can accommodate the larger structure strain of active materials produced during Li-ion insertion and extrction,which may both improve the cycle performance of the electrode.


laminar graphite, composites, electroless deposition, electrochemical performance

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