The influence of nano-Al2O3 particles in nickel electro-deposition on copper matrix from acid sulphate solution was studied under various potentials by using cyclic voltammetry(CV) and chronoamperometry(CA).The results show that the beginning potential of electro-deposition was about-740 mV(vs.SCE) for Ni-Al2O3 solution system.With the step-potential moving to the negative direction,the nucleation time of electro-deposition for Ni-Al2O3 solution system was shortened gradually.Compared with that of pure Ni deposition system,the nucleation time tm,corresponding to the peak current of Ni-Al2O3 deposition system was apparently shortened under the lower step-potential:-740~-830 mV,which indicates that Al2O3 particles promote the nucleation process of nickel electro crystallization.Under the step-potential of-890 mV(vs.SCE),the electro-deposition nucleation of Ni-Al2O3 solution system in the initial stage meets the instantaneous Scharifker-Hill model with three-dimensional.


Ni-nanoAl2O3 coating, electro-crystallization nucleation, I~t curve

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