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Chun-an MA(science@zjut.edu.cn)


The electrochemical reduction of p-nitrophenyl arsonit acid to p-aminobenzenearsenic acid was studied using controlled-current electrolysis.The results showed that the yield of p-aminobenzenearsenic acid was determinated by the following factors:the concentrations of sulphuric acid,the amount of additive,temperature and the concentrations of p-nitrophenyl arsenic acid.The optimum electrolytic conditions were obtained to be is 10% H2SO4,1% NaCl,80 ℃,25 g/350 mL p-nitrophenyl arsenic acid and 10 A·dm-2.The yield of arsanilic acid could be reached 64.7% under the optimum electrolytic conditions.


p-nitrophenyl arsonit acid, p-aminobenzenearsenic acid, electrolytic reduction, arsanilic acid

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