Nano-sized Au particles were deposited on a nickel foam substrate by a fast spontaneous deposition method using AuCl3 as the source of Au. The effects of AuCl3 concentration and deposition time on the size and distribution of Au particles,and the performance of the obtained Au/Ni electrode as the cathode of Al-H2O2 semi fuel cell were investigated. It was found that after the nickel foam was immersed in a 2 mmol·L-1 AuCl3 solution for 60 s,Au particles with diameters smaller than 100 nm were deposited on its surfaces and cover the surface completely. The Al-H2O2 semi fuel cell with Au/Ni cathode shows a peak power density of 135 mW·cm-2 when operating in 0. 4 mol·L-1 H2O2 solution at room temperature.


Au nanoparticles, hydrogen peroxide electroreduction, cathode, metal semi fuel cell

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