The present study developed a preparation method of SPR gold substrate based on water phase operation.Firstly,on the glass modified by APTMS we self-assembed a gold colloid monolayer as the catalyst bed;Secondly,using the chemical plating technique,we made the gold film increase equably within the namometer range to obtain the proper shape and thinkness of the gold film required by the SPR.The analysis results of UV-vis and TEM demonstrated that the diameter of the monolayer formed from gold nanoparticles was 2.5 nm.Moreover,SEM showed that the nanoparticle prepared by electroless gold plating was uniformly distributed,whose diameter was 40 nm.The SPR flow injection experiment found that the response intensity of the SPR Au substrate made by wet chemical plating was as strong as that of the commercial SPR Au substrate made by vacuum sputtering,and the former one was more preferable to adjust the surface structure of the gold film than the later one.


surface plasmon resonance(SPR), wet chemical plating, homemade SPR Au substrate, commercial SPR Au substrate

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