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Chun-an Ma(science@zjut.edu.cn)


University of Technology, Hangzhou 310032, Zhejiang,China)
Abstract: The oxidation of anisole on Pt electrode was investigated by cyclic voltammery and constant potential electrolysis. The influence of scan rates, substrate concentration, supporting electrolytes and solvent were considered . The results show that the electro-oxidation process of anisole was irreversible. In this research the sulfuric acid was the best supporting electrolytes and acetone was the best solvent, and the process was controlled by diffusion . The product of constant potential electrolysis was charactered by GC-MS .The results show that the main products was anisaldehyde, and the selectivity was up to 66.5% when using acetone as solvent.

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anisole, electro-oxidation, anisaldehyde

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