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Yong YANG(yyang@xmu.edu.cn)


Rechargeable Li-ion batteries fulfilling high-energy density, high safety, environmental friendliness, and low cost are demanded urgently for energy storage systems. Besides the structure stability arising from the strong Si-O covalent bond, environmental benignancy and low cost from the characteristics of Fe, Mn, Si elementals, orthosilicates (Li2MSiO4) show promising prospect to meet the demand of high-energy density for its two available Li+ per formula unit. Motivated by these significant advantages, Li2MSiO4 have been intensively investigated in the past few years. In the present work, we gave a review on the progress of orthosilicate research including the materials synthesis, structure, electrochemical performances and mechanism study. In addition, some aspects of further research as well as the problems need to be paid attention to were proposed.

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lithium-ion battery, orthosilicate, structure, electrochemical performance

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