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Jian-wei ZHAO(jwzhao@zjxu.edu.cn)


The enhanced electrochemical properties of Ni(OH)2 by the oxidation defected graphene were studied by both experimental method and theoretical calculation. The composite material of nano-Ni(OH)2/graphene was prepared by potentiostatic deposition on the graphene substrate. Observed by TEM, the Ni(OH)2 nanoparticles were well dispersed on the graphene substrate with the diameter of 5.0±0.5 nm. The capacitance of the system measured by the electrochemical test was 1928 F?g-1. As indicated by the theoretical calculations, the composite material becomes conductive since Ni(OH)2 is combined with surface functional groups of the graphene through the strong chemical interaction. The electrons transfer from the graphene substrate to the Ni(OH)2 through the oxidation defects, which makes the Ni(OH)2 nanoparticles negatively charged and results in the unilateral conduction phenomenon.

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graphene, Ni(OH)2 nanoparticle, electrochemical deposition, supercapacitor

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