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Nan-Ping WANG


The β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) modified gold electrode (β-CD/Au) was fabricated to study the electrochemical behavior of adriamycin (ADM). The results indicated that the complexing reaction of ADM with β-CD took place at the β-CD/Au surface. At 25 ℃,the complexing constant (K) was 9.54×104 L?mol-1 in pH=7.0. The K values changed regularly with temperature, and the most suitable temperature of the surface inclusion reaction was 30 ℃. The complexing reaction of ADM with β-CD at the β-CD/Au surface could undergo the quasi-reversible electrochemical reaction with the rate constant being 0.0995 s-1. The cathodic peak current (Ip) of ADM was proportional to the concentration of ADM in the 20~40 μmol?L-1. The linear regression equation for the quantitative determination of ADM concentration (C) by β-CD/Au was Ip=2.024+0.0057C with a correlation coefficient of 0.9911. The detection limit was 6.5 μmol?L-1.

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adriamycin, β-cyclodextrin, modified electrode, complex

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