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Hui XU(xuhui@lut.cn)


The mesh-like structure of NiO electrode was obtained by first preparing the precursors via hydrothermal process using nickel sulfate and carbamide as reactants, sodium hexametaphosphate as a surfactant, and followed by calcination of the precursors at 400 ℃. The structure, morphology and capacitance characteristics of NiO electrode were characterized by XRD, SEM and constant current charge-discharge testing techniques. The effects of hydrothermal temperatures on the electrochemical properties of NiO electrode were investigated. The results showed that the better property of nickel oxide was obtained when the mole ratio of nickel to urea was 1:4 and the hydrothermal temperature was 140℃. The specific discharge capacitance of the NiO electrode was up to 939 F?g-1 at 20 mA?cm-2.

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NiO, mesh-like structure, capacitance characteristics

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