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ZHANG Zhe(zhangzhe@sdu.edu.cn)


The Ag nanoparticles were prepared in aqueous solutions through a chemical reduction method and transferred from water phase to toluene phase with the protection of 1-dodecanethiol (DDT). The polished iron electrode was immersed in the DDT-protected metal nanoparticles toluene solutions to form DDT/Ag nanoparticles self-assembled mixed films. Electrochemical methods such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and polarization curve measurement were used to study the inhibition properties of the self-assembled films in the 0.5 mol?L-1 H2SO4 solution. The appearance of elements such as S and Ag from the XPS data identified the presences of DDT and Ag nanoparticles.

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Ag nanoparticles, iron, self-assembled, inhibitor

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