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Xin-Bo ZHANG(xbzhang@ciac.ac.cn)


A facile and template-free hydrothermal method is proposed to successfully synthesize porous NiO hierarchical structure, which is found to be assembled from ultrathin NiO nanosheets. As for electrochemical pseudocapacitor application, the obtained material exhibits not only high specific capacitances of 435 F?g-1 at 20 mV?s-1 and 367 F?g-1 at 10 A?g-1, but also holds a good electrochemical stability over 1000 cycles at a current rate of 20 mV?s-1. These results suggest that the hierarchical structured porous NiO is a promising supercapacitor electrode material.

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Supercapacitor, NiO, Hierarchical structure, Template-free, Electrochemical stability

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