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Chen-Zhong YAO(yaochzh1999@126.com)


The Pt-Ni and Pd-Ni films were successfully prepared on Ti substrates by electrodeposition method. The porous Pt-Ni nanoflakes appeared to be uniform with the thickness of the slices about 10 ~ 20 nm. The porous Pd-Ni nanoparticles with a flower shape appeared to be uniform with the diameters of 50 ~ 60 nm. The XRD patterns also indicated that the Pd-Ni and Pt-Ni nanostructures have the poor crystallinity. The onset potentials of ethanol oxidation were negatively shifted to –0.74 V on Pt-Ni electrodes and –0.71 V on Pd-Ni electrodes, respectively. Addition of Ni could enhance catalytic activities and antitoxic properties of Pt, as well as the electro-catalytic activities of Pd for ethanol oxidation in alkaline media.

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nanostructure, electrodeposition, porous, ethanol electro-oxidation

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