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Hua-Ping PENG(phpfjmu@126.com);Yong-Ji YOU


A novel matrix, multiwalled carbon nanotubes supported Au nanoparticles composite nanomaterial (AuNPs/MWNTs), for immobilization of protein and biosensing was designed using a simple and effective one-step in situ synthesis route. Using myoglobin (Mb) as a model, the direct electrochemistry of the immobilized proteins on the AuNPs/MWNTs composite was studied. The results showed that the AuNPs/MWNTs composite can maintain the bioactivity and facilitate the direct electrochemistry of Mb in the Mb/AuNPs/MWNTs/GC electrode. Based on the direct electron transfer of the immobilized Mb, the protein electrode exhibited excellent electrocatalytic activity to the reduction of H2O2 with a linear range of 1 ~ 138 μmol.L-1,low detection limit of 0.32 μmol.L-1 (S/N=3) and a low apparent Kmapp value of 0.143 mmol.L-1. The simple operation, fast response and well reproducibility of the proposed biosensor indicated its promising application in protein immobilization and preparation of the third generation biosensors.

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myoglobin, AuNPs/MWNTs composite, direct electrochemistry, biosensor

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