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Yong-Yao XIA(yyxia@fudan.edu.cn)


Nanostructured MnO2 materials were prepared in a micro-emulsion medium using sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)as a surfactant by a redox reaction between potassium permanganate and aniline. The morphologies of the obtained MnO2 were critically dependent on the concentrations of SDS. The particle sizes varied with the change in the micro-emulsion medium. The optimized properties of MnO2 material obtained with the surfactant concentration of 0.2 mol.L-1 had a specific surface area of 228.2 m2.g-1, and delivered a specific capacitance of 237 F.g -1 in 1 mol.L-1 Li2SO4. Additionally, a reversible Li-ion intercalation reaction occurred in the MnO2 calcined at 350 oC.

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micro-emulsion method, pseudo-capacitance, nanostructured MnO2, intercalation reaction, surpercapacitor

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