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Zi-dong WEI(zdwei@cqu.edu.cn)


We report a novel method based on ion-exchange/electrodeposition (IEE) for constructing high Pt utilization porous electrodes. The electrode prepared using IEE was assessed by linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and single cell test. The preliminary results show that the undesired ion-exchange between Pt anion and surface functional group in carbon black can be eliminated through the electrode preparation process, and every Pt particle prepared by IEE is expected to be deposited on the three-phase reaction zone and thus can be fully utilized in fuel cell reactions. The Pt particle size, shape and distribution obtained by IEE can be controlled by modulating the IEE technique and cycles. The power output of the MEA employing a Pt/C electrode prepared by IEE with a Pt loading of 0.014 mgPt•cm-2 is equivalent to that employing a conventional Nafion-bonded Pt/C electrode with a Pt loading of 0.3 mgPt•cm-2.

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fuel cells, ion-exchange/electrodeposition, Pt utilization

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