The effects of pH, ligtlnd CN ̄-,metallic ions,Hg ̄(+2), Cd ̄(+2) and Pb ̄(2+) on electroactivity of cytochrome c have been studied with cyclic voltammetry and UV/Vis spectroseopy.In the phosphate buffer solution containing 5 mg/mL cytochrome c, cytochrome c is electroactive at a glod electrode with suitable pretreatment if the pH value is equal to 7.0, but it is electroinactive at the gold electrode if the pH value is equal to 2. 0 or 10.0. The existence of CN- ions in the solution would cause deactivation of cytochrome c in the bulk sulurion, and would not affect the electroactivity of cytochrome c adsorbed on the gold electrode。The sequence for effects of metallic ions on electroactivity of cytochrome c is Hg ̄(+2)>Cd ̄(+2)>Pb ̄(2+).The possible mechanisms were proposed.


Cytochrome c, pH, Ligand, Metallic ions

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