In this paper, copper electrodepostion on HOPG had been in situ studied by using a homebuilt electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy (ECSTM). Three dimensional nucleation and subsequent growth of copper crystals were found as the initial stage of copper deposition on HOPG. In the case of lower overpotential or lower concentration of Cu 2+ , the bulk deposited copper layer tended to form smooth terraces, and grow at the edge of steps. The terraces were stable to some extent, which made it possible to be observed with atomic resolution. At a higher overpotential, the crystal size of copper were somehow smaller. By comparing with ex situ STM images, it was found that the deposition rate under the STM tip area was much lower, which might due to the shielding of the STM tip.


ECSTM, STM, Electrodeposition, Copper deposits

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