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Yan-na NULI(nlyn@sjtu.edu.cn)


Three kinds of ethylenethiourea-Grignard reagent/THF electrolytes were prepared by reacting ethylenethiourea with different Grignard reagents such as EtMgBr/THF, PhMgBr/THF and PhMgCl/THF. Cyclic voltammetry tests on Pt disk electrode show that the electrolytes have good performance of magnesium deposition-dissolution as Grignard reagents and higher anodic stabilities than Grignard reagents. The oxidative decomposition potential of ethylenethiourea-PhMgBr/THF on Pt electrode can reach 2.3 V (vs. Mg/Mg2+). The conductivity of ethylenethiourea-PhMgBr/THF electrolyte initially increases and then decreases with the increase of the concentration and reaches to the highest value of 615 μS·cm-1 at 0.9 mol·L-1. The comparison in cyclic voltammograms of 0.9 mol·L-1 ethlenethiourea-PhMgBr/THF electrolyte on Pt, Ni, Cu and Al electrodes demonstrates that the oxidative decomposition potential on Ni electrode is the highest (2.4 V (vs. Mg/Mg2+)). Constant-current discharge and charge tests of coin cells further show that the magnesium deposition-dissolution potential on Ni substrate is low and the stable cycle efficiency can reach 92%. For ethlenethiourea-PhMgBr/THF electrolyte, nickel is suitable to be used as a practical current collector.

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ethylenethiourea, Grignard reagent, electrolytes, rechargeable magnesium batteries

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