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Yong-jun MA(mayj@nwnu.edu.cn)


A platinum electrode decorated with the ordered Nd-Fe-MoO42- cyano-bridged mixed coordination polymer was successfully prepared by electrodeposition in virtue of the lyotropic liquid crystal soft template methods, and electrocatalytic oxidation behavior of glycerol was investigated on the chemically modified electrode by cyclic voltammetry. The influences of experimental factors such as the concentrations of H+ and SO42- in electrolytes, glycerol concentration and scan rate on the electrocatalytic activity of glycerol at the modified electrode were also studied. It indicated that the proper amount of SO42- in weakly acidic electrolyte could help to improve the electro-oxidation process of glycerol at the modified electrode. In the potential range of -0.2 ~ 0.3 V, the good linear relationship between the electro-oxidation current of glycerol (Peak 1) and the square root value of the scan rate revealed the fact that the electro-oxidation of glycerol had a diffusion-controlled characteristics. The oxidation peak current density of glycerol on the modified electrode was fourfold as large as that at the platinum electrode, while the apparent activation energy of the electrode reaction for glycerol had much less value. Therefore, there existed synergistic catalytic action to electro-oxidation process of glycerol at the Nd-Fe-MoO42-/Pt electrode, and the modified electrode possessed the high electrocatalytic activity, fast current response and steady catalytic activity.

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glycerol, electrocatalytic oxidation, cyano-bridged mixed coordination polymer, chemically modified electrode

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