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Chen XU(xmxuchen@163.com)


Factors (integral potential, concentration of NaOH and flow rate) affecting detection of Glucosamine hydrochloride by ion chromatography with integrated pulsed amperometric detector were studied. As the integral potential increased, the detection signal first increased and then decreased, while the detection background and noise increased directly. The suitable integral potential should be 0.1 V. With the concentration of NaOH increased, the retention time descended sharply, while the integral area increased quickly before they are coming back into balance. The number of theoretical plates increased firstly and then decreased. The optimum concentration of NaOH was 50 mmol·L-1. As the flow rate increased, the retention time and peak area reduced. Thus, the flow rate of 0.6 mL·min-1 was the suitable one. The transformation-quantity of Glucosamine hydrochloride using ED3000 detector was 1.27% by connecting the two integrated pulsed amperometric detectors, while the total amount was 2.79% by NJPAD detector.

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integrated pulsed amperometric detector, glucosamine hydrochloride, transformation-quantity

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