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Jian-ying QU(lilyqujy@yahoo.com.cn)


A novel laccase (Lac) biosensor was fabricated successfully by means of entrapping Lac into bimetallic Pt/Au particles and chitosan/silica (CS-SiO2) sol-gel hybrid films, and then applied to determine catechol (CC) concentration. The experiment results showed that the biosensor can electrocatalyze the reduction of CC, and the peak current increased linearly with the concentration of CC in the range of 8×10-7 ~ 1×10-4 mol·L-1 (r = 0.9993) with a detection limit of 7.9×10-8 mol·L-1 by cyclic voltammetric response. The biosensor exhibited good sensitivity, stability and reproducibility, with a broad linear range for potential applications.

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