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Xing-jiang LIU(xjliu@nklps.org)


Three kinds of conductive carbon films were prepared with Super-P (SP), KB and MWCNTs, and then the as-prepared carbon films were applied as an interlayer between a sulfur electrode and a separator for constructing a coin-type lithium-sulfur (Li-S) cell, respectively. The assessment results show that all the cells delivered the reversible capacities higher than 800 mAh·g-1 after 40 cycles when the sulfur loading was up to 80% (by mass) in the sulfur electrode. Due to significant differences of physical properties among the carbon materials,the cell with a KB interlayer exhibited higher electrochemical polarization; the cycling performance of the cell with a SP interlayer was poorer than that of the other cells, although the discharge capacity was the highest in the initial cycles; MWCNTs film was the best choice as an interlayer in the Li-S cells.

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lithium-sulfur batteries, conductive carbon film, interlayer, electrochemical performance

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