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Qing-ji XIE(xieqj@hunnu.edu.cn)


Glucose oxidase (GOx)-gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) composite was synthesized by the one-pot enzyme reaction in the mixture solution of NaAuCl4, GOx and glucose, and a Nafion/GOx-AuNPs/glassy carbon electrode was fabricated by the cast-coating method to examine the direct electrochemistry of GOx and the biosensing performance on this electrode. Such a GOx-AuNPs composite showed good direct-electrochemistry activity and bioactivity of GOx, probably because the enzyme-mediated AuNPs are close to the redox active centers of GOx. This enzyme electrode exhibited a linear amperometric response to glucose concentration (0.54 mmol·L-1) at -0.4 V (vs. SCE), and a detection limit of 0.2 mol·L-1 was obtained.

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Glucose oxidase, enzymatic synthesis, glucose oxidase-Au nanoparticles composite, direct electrochemistry, biosensing

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