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Yong-lei XIN(xinyonglei@163.com)


The Ru-Ir-Sn metal oxide anodes coated on titanium (Ti/Ru-Ir-Sn) were prepared by thermal decomposition. The effects of amounts of carbon naotubes (CNTs) on anodic properties were studied by TGA, SEM, EDS, cyclic voltammetry, EIS, polarization measurements and accelerated life test. The thermogravimetric analysis and EDS spectrum data showed that the high temperature oxidation decomposition of CNTs did not take place under the condition of the sintering temperature of 470 ℃, and the CNTS still existed in the anode coating in an element form. Compared with the contrast samples, the surface crack of the coating increased, but remained typical morphology. Adding the CNTs significantly improved the electrochemical properties of Ti/Ru-Ir-Sn oxide anodes, enhanced the active surface area of the anode, and reduced the internal resistance of the coating, which improved the electrocatalytic activity of the anode toward chlorine evolution, thus, the chlorine evolution potential increased slowly, and the accelerated life was also apparently improved. Particularly, the Ti/Ru-Ir-Sn oxide anode adding 0.1 g·L-1 CNTs exhibited the best anodic electrocatalytic activity and stability

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carbon nanotubes, metal oxide anodes, electric catalytic activity, accelerated life

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