Corresponding Author

An-min CAO(anmin_cao@iccas.ac.cn);
Li-jun WAN(wanlijun@iccas.ac.cn)


As a significant protocol for materials treatment, surface modification has found broad applications in different fields including catalyst, photochemistry, and electrochemistry. Herein, we introduced the representative synthetic methodologies for the constructions of different functional materials with a focus on their core-shell structures. By taking the electrode materials in lithium ion batteries as an example, we demonstrated the importance of surface modification on the electrode materials. Different coating materials ranging from metal oxides, metal phosphates to carbon have been discussed. We also showed that an accurate control on the surface layer can be crucial for optimizing the electrochemical performances of the core-shell structured materials.

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surface modification, electrode materials, core-shell structure, heterogeneous growth, lithium ion batteries

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