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Xi-hong LU(luxh6@mail.sysu.edu.cn);
Ye-xiang TONG(chedhx@mail.sysu.edu.cn)


Supercapacitors (SCs) have stimulated intensive interests for their promising applications in electric vehicles and portable electronics, etc. Electrode material is the most important key component of SCs, which vastly determines the performance of SCs. Carbon and transition metallic compound materials have attracted considerable attention and been widely explored as electrode materials. However, the insufficient capacitance of carbon materials and unsatisfactory conductivity and cyclic stability of transition metallic compounds severely limit their implementation as robust SC electrodes. Herein, we highlight our recent efforts to boost the capacitive performance of carbon and metal oxide/nitride electrodes by rationally structural and componential design. The relationships between structures and performances, as well as the mechanisms are discussed. Finally, we also present our personal perspectives on the further research of these electrodes.

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Supercapacitors, Carbon-based materials, Transition metallic compounds, Modification

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