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Xiao-gang HAO(xghao@tyut.edu.cn)


A novel electroactive composite film consisting of ZSM-5/polyaniline/polystyrene sulfonate(ZSM-5/PANI/PSS) was prepared by double pulse one step co-deposition method. The ZSM-5/PANI/PSS composite film was characterized by FT-IR, SEM, XRD, and XPS techniques. The highly crystalline nano-ZSM-5 was synthesized by hydrothermal method, which could be evenly dispersed in aqueous solution by ultrasonic treatment. The synthesis condition of composite film was optimized through changing the pH value of solution. The ZSM-5/PANI/PSS composite film showed higher adsorption capacity for Pb2+ ions. Langmuir model was applied to analyze the adsorption process. The adsorption capacity of composite film for Pb2+ ions was 235 mg·g-1. The adsorption kinetics of Pb2+ ions could be described properly by the pseudo-first-order kinetic mode.Furthermore, the pseudo-first-order rate constant was determined to be 0.0227 g·mg-1·min-1 in ESIX process, which is higher than that of 0.0117 g·mg-1·min-1 in IX process. Therefore, the ZSM-5/PANI/PSS composite film is expected to be a promising material in the field of waste treatment.

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electrochemically switched ion exchange, ZSM-5/PANI/PSS, adsorption selectivity, Pb2+, adsorption kinetics

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