Corresponding Author

Xi XU(xuxi6220@163.com);
Wen-jie Jiang(jiangwenjie@iccas.ac.cn)


Hydrogen energy, a kind of clean and renewable energy, is considered to be the solution to the problems of energy crisis and environmental deterioration. Electrochemical water splitting is an efficient and promising technology for the production of high-purity hydrogen. However, oxygen evolution reaction (OER) at the anode of water electrolyzer limits the efficiency of water splitting due to the high overpotential. Therefore, the challenges still remain for the exploration of highly active, stable and low-cost catalysts with superior activity for OER. Herein, nickel borate nanorods with high crystallinity were prepared via high-temperature calcination. The as-obtained nickel borate nanorods with 2 μm in length and 200 nm in diameter exhibited excellent OER activity in terms of an overpotential of 373 mV at 10 mA·cm-2, even though their capacitance value is extremely low (0.03 mF·cm-2), which could be further improved by coupling with other conductive materials or decreasing the size of nickel borate.

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nickel borate, nanorod, electrocatalysis, oxygen evolution reaction

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