Corresponding Author

Wei WANG(wei.wang@nju.edu.cn);
Hong-yuan CHEN(hychen@nju.edu.cn)


With the development of nano-fabrications in recent years, a novel strategy based on random collisions of single electroactive nanoparticles (NPs) onto an inert ultramicroelectrode (UME) has been emerged in the field of nanoelectrochemistry, and named as single nanoparticles collisions (SNCs). The technique uses a chronoamperometric method to detect transient current generated by random collisions of single NPs onto an UME. By analyzing the current signal, one could study the properties of single NPs. Although this technique can detect electrochemical or electrocatalytic currents of a single NP, the traditional SNCs technology lacks necessary spatial resolution to identify and characterize a specific NP. Therefore, several optical imaging techniques have been combined with SNCs strategy to provide spatial information together with electrochemical currents. In this review, we summarize three detection principles of SNCs and provide a brief overview in the combination of SNCs with several optical imaging techniques. We finally conclude with the future trends in developments of SNCs.

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nanoelectrochemistry, ultramicroelectrode, fluorescence microscopy, surface plasmon resonance microscopy, holographic microscopy, electrogenerated chemiluminescence

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