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XU Xuan(xuxuan0205@njtech.edu.cn);
LIU Song-qin(liusq@seu.edu.cn)


The research of enzymes assembled and catalytic reaction not only is beneficial to exploit the essences of life’s activities, but also is significant in developing the practical application of enzymes in these areas including industrial production, analysis and detection, treatment of disease, etc. The effective immobilization and ordered assembly of enzymes are important methods for maintaining the catalytic activity, catalytic reaction stability and catalytic process controllability of enzymes. Among them, single or multi-enzymes are immobilized orderly in nanochannels that exhibit unique features and advantages, accordingly, the confinement effect of nanochannels can increase the selectivity and catalytic efficiency of enzymes through keeping the configuration. This paper mainly focuses on the recent development of enzymes reactors based on nanochannels in the areas of biosensors. The methods such as enzymes immobilization, enzymes catalytic reaction and mechanism of enzymes catalytic reaction kinetics are summarized. Moreover, the application prospect of enzymes catalytic reaction in nanochannels is envisioned.

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nanochannels, enzymes assembled, enzymes reactors, confinement effect, enzymes catalytic reaction kinetics

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