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Yang LIU(liu-yang@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn)


Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) exhibits a broad application prospect in the field of biological analysis due to its unique performance features, and the exploitation of high efficient ECL reagents offers an important tool for the development of sensors with excellent performance and practical clinical applications. Open-framework supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters both possess the porous structure of molecular sieve and the excellent optical properties of the semiconductor, so it has attracted more and more attention in ECL analysis. Different from the traditional semiconductor quantum dots, the structure and composition of supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters can be accurately controlled at the atomic level, and supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters itself can also be used as structural units to build semiconductor materials with a porous structure. These characteristics enable the accurate regulation in the properties of supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters through atomic-level structure and composition adjustment, providing a reference for the development of ECL materials with superior performance, and thus expanding their application range in biochemical sensing, immunoassay, bioimaging, and so on. This review summarizes the research progresses in the synthesis, defect doping, functional regulation, and ECL biochemical analysis of supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters, and provides some theoretical support for the development of new luminescent materials and the expansion of new applications in efficient ECL.

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electrochemiluminescence, supertetrahedral chalcogenide clusters, biochemical sensing, defect doping, functional regulation

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