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Zuo-peng LI(lizuopeng@126.com);
Feng FENG(feng-feng64@263.net)


In this study, differential pulse stripping voltammetry was developed for the quantitative detection of levofloxacin hydrochloride indirectly. Levofloxacin hydrochloride contains organic amine, which can be precipitated upon interaction with Zn(SCN)42-. By means of differential pulse stripping voltammetry, the concentration of Zn2+ can be determined using an in-situ formed bismuth film electrode, which allows determining indirectly the amount of levofloxacine hydrochloride. The linearity equation, I = 1.1401c - 0.5309 with the correlative coefficient R = 0.9979, was presented in the experiment. The results showed that this approach is very sensitive, having a limitation of detection of 3.18 × 10-5 μg·mL-1 in a linearity range of 5.0 ~ 60 μg·mL-1.

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bismuth film electrode, differential pulse stripping voltammetry, levofloxacine hydrochloride, zinc ion, ion-association compound

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