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Yong YANG(yyang@xmu.edu.cn)


Garnet-type solid electrolyte is a newly developed Li ion conductor and promising in the application of all-solid-state batteries. However, Garnet is incompatible with Li anode, which restricts the application of Garnet-type solid batteries. In order to improve the contact between Garnet-type solid electrolyte and Li electrode, a composite anode which contains Al-Li alloy (Al4Li9) was prepared as an electrode. Al-Li alloy has many advantages such as easy preparation, low cost, simple post-treatment and high capacity. Garnet-type Li6.5La3Zr1.75W0.25O12 (LLZWO) was synthesized via solid-state reaction. Garnet solid electrolyte has poor interfacial wettability with lithium, but has good interfacial wettability with Al-Li alloy. By using Al-Li alloy as an electrode, the contact between LLZWO and Li electrodes could be well improved. SEM images also confirmed that Al-Li alloy and Garnet had a sufficient interface contact. On the other side, the interface resistance could be dramatically reduced. Impedance spectra show that the interface resistance between Al-Li alloy and Garnet reduced from 740.6 Ω·cm 2 to 75.0 Ω·cm 2, which is only one-tenth of interface resistance between Li alloy and Garnet. Symmetric cell with Al-Li alloy and Garnet showed excellent and stable cycle performance with almost 0 polarization voltage when cycling at a current density between 50 μA·cm -2 and 100 μA·cm -2. At a current density of 50 μA·cm -2, the cell cycled 400 hours stably without formation of lithium dendrite.

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Garnet-type solid electrolyte, electrode/solid electrolyte interface, Al-Li alloy

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