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Jin-li QIAO(qiaojl@dhu.edu.cn)


Zinc-air battery has attracted great attention from researchers due to its high energy density and power density, which is expected to be widely used in energy conversion and storage. Air electrode as the core area of oxygen catalytic reaction is the focus of the entire zinc-air battery research. Recently, many research achievements have been made in non-noble metal bifunctional catalysts/electrodes with high activity, low cost and abundant species. In this review, we mainly focus on the reaction mechanism and the recent progress in non-noble metal oxide catalyst, carbon-based catalyst, and carbon-based transition metal compound composite and self-supporting electrode. In addition, the construction strategy of designing high-efficient bifunctional catalyst is put forward, and the prospects of the future development trends are expected.

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zinc-air batteries, oxygen reduction reaction, oxygen evolution reaction, bifunctional catalysts

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