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Ju-jie REN(jujieren@163.com);
Xue-ping JI(xuepingji@126.com)


In this report, a dopamine electrochemical sensor based on metal-substituted polyoxometalates and reduced graphene oxide (RGO) composite was successfully constructed. The K2H2SiW11NiO39·xH2O (SiW11Ni) was synthesized by hydrothermal method, while the RGO was prepared by Hummers' method and chemical reduction method. The above-mentioned materials were characterized by SEM, FTIR and XRD. The as-synthesized SiW11Ni and RGO composites were modified on the surface of glassy carbon electrode (GCE) by drop coating method, and the sensing interface (SiW11Ni-RGO/GCE) was successfully constructed. The electrochemical properties of the sensing interface were studied by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. After optimizing the experimental conditions, dopamine could be quantitatively detected by cyclic voltammetry with good performance. The limit of detection was 3.2 μmol·L -1 (S/N = 3), the sensitivity was 9.71 μA·(μmol·L -1·cm -2) -1, and the linear range was 10 to 80 μmol·L -1.

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dopamine, electrochemical sensor, polyoxometalates, reduced graphene oxide, cyclic voltammetry

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