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Xing-Hua Xia(xhxia@nju.edu.cn)


A high-density (5.7 × 108 cm-2) nanoelectrode array with the electrode diameter of 200 nm and the interelectrode distance of 450 nm were fabricated. The nanoelectrode array consisted of gold nanowires embedded in a porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) matrix, having regular nanoelectrode distribution and highly uniform nanoelectrode size. The gold nanoelectrode array was used as a closed bipolar nanoelectrode array combined with electrochemiluminescence (ECL) method to map the electrocatalytic activity of platinum nanoparticles toward hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) by modifying the catalysts on single nanoelectrodes. Results show that HER on single bipolar nanoelectrodes could be imaged with the sub-micrometer spatial resolution. The present approach offers a platform to image local electrochemical activity of electrocatalytic materials, energy materials and cellular processes with high spatial resolution.

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nanoelectrode array, bipolar electrode, electrochemiluminescence imaging, electrochemical imaging, single platinum nanoparticles, hydrogen evolution reaction

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