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Zhi-Peng Wu(zpwu@tju.edu.cn);
Chuan-Jian Zhong(cjzhong@binghamton.edu)


The development of efficient electrocatalysts for applications in fuel cells, including proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) and direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC), has attracted extensive research attention in recent years. Oxygen reduction reaction and ethanol oxidation reaction are two of the key reactions where the design of active, stable and low-cost electrocatalysts is critical for the mass commercializations of PEMFCs and DEFCs. This challenge stems largely from the limited understanding of the catalyst structures and reaction mechanisms. Progress has been made in investigations of electrocatalysts derived from Pd-based alloy nanomaterials both experimentally and computationally. We highlight herein some of the recent insights into the catalyst structures and reaction mechanisms of Pd and Pd-based electrocatalysts in oxygen reduction reaction and ethanol oxidation reaction. Both experimental and computational aspects will be discussed, along with their implications for the design of optimal electrocatalysts.

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oxygen reduction reaction, ethanol oxidation reaction, electrocatalyst, phase structure, reaction mechanism, fuel cells

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