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Feng Feng(feng-feng64@263.net)


Three-dimensional (3D) nanostructural Flower-like cobalt sulfide (CoS) on flexible self-supporting graphene tape electrode (GTE) with remarkably electrocatalytic activity toward glucose was successfully prepared by electrodeposition. Structural characterizations revealed that the electrodeposited CoS was highly dispersed on GTE as an active material. The fabricated binder-free and self-standing CoS/GTE shows a good linear response in the range of 0.025 ~ 1.0 mmol·L-1, reaching a high glucose sensitivity value of 323.3 μA·(mmol·L -1)-1·cm-2 and a low detection limit of 8.5 μmol·L -1 (S/N = 3). Moreover, the as-prepared sensor was well applied for glucose determination in human serum. Thus, the self-supporting, binder-free, low-cost sensor has good potential as a promising device for practical quantitative analysis of glucose in human serum.

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flexible electrode, flower-like CoS, electrodeposition, glucose sensor

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