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Zhen He(zhenhe@csu.edu.cn)


Electrodeposition is a solution-based synthesis technique that can be used to fabricate various functional materials on conductive or semiconductive substrates under ambient conditions. Electrodeposition is usually triggered by an artificial electric stimulation (i.e., applied potential/current) to the substrate to oxidize or reduce ions, molecules, or complexes in the deposition solution layer near the substrate surface, which drives this solution layer to depart from its thermodynamic equilibrium and consequently causes the assembly of targeted deposits on the substrate. During electrodeposition, many experimental parameters could affect the properties of the deposits in different ways. To date, many elements (both metals and nonmetals), compounds (e.g., metal oxides, hydroxides, and chalcogenides), and composites have been electrodeposited, mostly as either polycrystalline, textured, or epitaxial films. Among them, the epitaxial films are a kind of single-crystal-like films grown with certain out-of-plane and in-plane orientations. Due to the highly ordered atomic arrangement in epitaxial films, they usually exhibit unique electric and magnetic properties. In this review, the common synthetic routes for the electrodeposition as well as the key experimental parameters that affect the epitaxial growth of the deposits are summarized. Besides, techniques used to characterize epitaxial films are briefly introduced. Furthermore, the electrodeposited functional epitaxial films with special electronic, electromagnetic, and photovoltaic properties are discussed.

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electrodeposit, electroplating, thin film, highly oriented

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