Corresponding Author

Ling Huang(huangl@xmu.edu.cn)


Ni Mo alloy deposits with (111) preferred orientation was obtained in a solution of 0.22 mol/L NiSO 4·6H 2O, 0.06 mol/L Na 2MoO 4·2H 2O and 0.3 mol/L Na 3C 6H 5O 7·2H 2O in temperature from 25℃ to 50℃,and current densities ranged from 10 mA·cm -2 to 30 mA·cm -2 . The electrodeposition of Ni Mo alloy was studied by cylic voltammetry and potential step experiment. It was shown that Ni Mo alloy is formed by mechanism involving progressive nucleation followed by three dimensional growth of the metal centres. The complex plane impedance plots indicate codeposition of Ni Mo alloy involves the intermediate adion. The growth of (111) plane of crystallite is inhibited with adsorption of (NiOH) ads and MoO 2, So Ni Mo alloy deposit exhibits (111) preferred orientation.


Ni Mo alloy electrodeposition, Texture, Electrocrystallization mechanism

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